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Important Notice to Highveld Syndication Investors from orthotouch

12 November 2019

  1. Highveld Syndication investors have been regularly informed over the past 5 years as to how the negative impact brought by a small group of investors and their unscrupulous legal team, has impacted on the company and its ability to trade effectively.
  2. This has been problematic for two reasons, firstly it has prevented lenders providing finance to Orthotouch and furthermore the tens of millions spent by Orthotouch to pay for constant and ongoing litigation has placed Orthotouch and investors at risk.
  3. In an attempt to protect investors, Orthotouch negotiated with a third party holder of Accelerate Property Fund shares (JSE listed), to purchase their claims against Orthotouch. Thousands of investors have taken this option, are holders of Accelerate shares and continue to receive bi-annual dividends.
  4. Since Orthotouch has the interest of remaining investors as its first priority, the company was forced to act to protect you the remaining investors and your investment. As a result, it was deemed necessary to place the company under Business Rescue as prescribed by Section 129 of the Companies Act 71 of 2008.
  5. It is important to note that the reason for Business Rescue is to protect your investments and to allow Orthotouch to realise its assets and negotiate further funding.
  6. In this regard we will provide ongoing updates as well as an Offer of Settlement to all remaining investors in the following weeks.

Kind regards